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Fast, consistent builds with an instantly familiar syntax – like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby.

Simple, Fast, Consistent Builds
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Why Earthly?
With Earthly, all builds are containerized, consistent, and language agnostic.
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Clunky and Brittle
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Build guru required
With Earthly:
With Earthly
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Easy to Understand
Nobody likes their CI/CD
Traditional CI/CD has many pain points
Nightmare to Maintain Chevron icon
CI/CD pipelines are a nightmare to maintain.
  • Slow dev-test cycle
  • No local pipeline execution
  • Limited code reuse
  • Clunky language (e.g. YAML, Bash, Groovy)
  • Difficult to parallelize
Slow Builds Chevron icon
More than half of CI/CD run time is spent reexecuting things that haven't changed.
  • Reinstalls dependencies every time
  • Unnecessary task reexecution
  • Ineffective caching
  • Sandboxed CI environments sacrifice speed
Slower Means More Profit Chevron icon
The slower the build, the more the vendor profits.
  • Profits tied to build minutes
  • Slower builds benefit vendors
  • Incentive against speed innovation
Poor Monorepo Support Chevron icon
CI/CD platforms falter with monorepo/polyrepo layouts, causing compatibility and efficiency issues.
  • Limited monorepo compatibility
  • Changes trigger all pipelines every time
  • No robust way to trigger a subset of pipelines
  • No easy way to import build results across repositories
  • Requires complex DIY scripting
Introducing Earthly CI
Fast, consistent CI/CD that is super simple to use
Write builds once, run them anywhere
  • All builds run in containers, making them self-contained, isolated, consistent, and portable.
  • Builds execute correctly regardless of the platform or specifics of the environment.
  • No need to configure language-specific tooling or install extra dependencies.
Ridiculously fast builds!
Earthly CI vs Traditional CIs
Earthly CI - up to
Earthly CI - minimum
Traditional CI
Lines represent build time in seconds.
Based on build speeds reported by our users
  • Earthly CI runs builds 2-20x faster compared to traditional CI/CD platforms.
  • Automatic parallel execution and optimal cache usage with no configuration required.
  • An instantly available build cache eliminates download and upload delays.
Super simple
  • All builds are defined in Earthfiles and use a syntax that is easy to write and understand.
  • Engineers can quickly grasp Earthfiles without prior knowledge of Earthly or Earthly CI.
  • It's like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby.
PROJECT my-org/my-project
FROM alpine:3.15
TRIGGER push main
TRIGGER pr main
BUILD +my-build
RUN echo Hello world
Great for monorepos and polyrepos
  • Earthly CI works with both monorepos and polyrepos, providing flexibility in organizing your build logic.
  • Builds can be split across multiple subdirectories or even repositories.
  • Easily reference targets from other Earthfiles, no matter their location.
Pricing aligned with performance
  • Earthly CI's pricing is aligned with performance, eliminating misaligned incentives found in traditional CI/CD platforms.
  • Instead of billing by-the-minute, Earthly CI charges per active user and bills compute at cost.
  • No financial incentives exist for increased build times, ensuring a focus on optimizing build speeds and customer satisfaction.
Developers and engineering teams love Earthly
Jesús Rodríguez Valencia
Jesús Rodríguez Valencia
Principal Software Engineer @ Roche
By using Earthly, we enabled developers to execute complex CI pipelines on their laptops without having to commit any code!
Jesse Anger
Jesse Anger
Head of IT & Security Operations @ Deep Genomics
By providing rapid build times, intelligent caching, and repeatability, Earthly enables a better approach to the coordination of development and deployment.
Brian Bugh
Brian Bugh
CTO @ Table Needs
Earthly CI reduced our average build time from 20 minutes to 3 minutes and was quick and straightforward to set up and use.
Spencer Kimball
Spencer Kimball
Creator of CockroachDB and co-creator of GIMP
By reducing the friction inherent in build tools, Earthly is enabling companies to move quickly and reduce the context switching overhead in their engineering organizations.

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Simple, Fast, Consistent Builds

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