Earthly makes CI/CD
super simple

Fast, repeatable CI/CD with an instantly familiar syntax – like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby.

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Fast, repeatable CI/CD platform
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Nobody likes their CI/CD
Traditional CI/CD has many pain points
Inconsistent builds
Slow builds
Complex build scripts
Scattered build logic
Poor monorepo support
Conflicting business models
Introducing Earthly CI
Fast, repeatable CI/CD that is super simple to use
Write builds once, run them anywhere
All CI pipelines run in containers, making them self-contained, isolated, repeatable, and portable.
It doesn't matter if it's on your machine, your coworker's machine, or on Earthly CI. Same build, every time.
Iterate locally and push...
If it runs on your laptop, it'll run in Earthly CI. Iterate and test builds locally. When you're done, just push your changes.
Ridiculously fast builds!
Earthly CI takes advantage of caching and parallelism to significantly shorten build times. And it has an instantly available build cache. No cache download or upload. You have never seen speed like this in your CI/CD.
Earthly CI vs Traditional CIs
Earthly CI - up to
Earthly CI - minimum
Traditional CI
Lines represent build time in seconds.
Based on build speeds reported by our users
Super simple
Earthly CI uses Earthfiles to define and manage CI pipelines. Their syntax is easy to write and understand. Most engineers can read an Earthfile instantly, without prior knowledge of Earthly CI or Earthly.
We combined some of the best ideas from Dockerfiles and Makefiles into one specification – like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby.
PROJECT my-org/my-project
FROM alpine:3.15
TRIGGER push main
TRIGGER pr main
BUILD +my-build
RUN echo Hello world
Great for monorepos and polyrepos
Earthly CI is great for both monorepos and polyrepos. You define all of your CI pipelines in Earthly's super simple Earthfiles. You can split build logic across multiple Earthfiles, placing some deeper inside the directory structure or even in other repositories. Referencing targets from other Earthfiles is easy regardless of where they are stored.
So you can organize your build logic however makes the most sense for your project.
Pricing aligned with performance
Traditional CI/CD platforms bill for compute by-the-minute and charge a heavy markup. They make more profit the slower your builds are.
Earthly CI charges per active user and bills compute at cost. There is no financial incentive if build times increase, only if more people use Earthly CI.
We are just as incentivized as you are to make your builds as fast as possible.
Developers and engineering teams love Earthly
Brian Bugh
Brian Bugh
Earthly CI has made our build process significantly faster and more streamlined compared to other CI/CD platforms we've tried. It reduced our average build time from 20 minutes to 3 minutes and was quick and straightforward to set up and use.
Jesse Anger
Jesse Anger
Head of IT & Security Operations @ Deep Genomics
Earthly Satellites is an essential element of a contemporary CI system. By providing rapid build times, intelligent caching, and repeatability, it enables a better approach to the coordination of development and deployment.
Jesús Rodríguez Valencia
Jesús Rodríguez Valencia
Principal Software Engineer @ Roche
By using Earthly, we enabled developers to execute complex CI pipelines on their laptops without having to commit any code!
Matt Klein
Matt Klein
Creator of Envoy Proxy
Earthly is a pragmatic and incremental solution to a thorny problem that all organizations face. I'm extremely excited about Earthly bringing this functionality to existing container based build systems without requiring an extremely expensive retooling effort on top of something like Bazel.