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Earthly is a syntax for defining your build. It works with your existing build system. Get repeatable and understandable builds today.

FROM golang:1.13-alpine3.11 build: COPY main.go . RUN go build main.go SAVE ARTIFACT main AS LOCAL main
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Why Earthly?

Why Earthly?


  • Flaky
  • Clunky and Brittle
  • Build guru required

With Earthly:

  • Reproducible
  • Robust
  • Easy to Understand

With Earthly, all builds are , , and .

Understandable and Repeatable Build Scripts with Earthly

❤️ Makefile + Dockerfile = Earthfile

It's like Makefile and Dockerfile had a baby. Earthly takes some of the best ideas from Makefiles and Dockerfiles and combines them into one specification.


  • Repeatable builds
  • A familiar syntax
  • Caching for more speed

FROM golang:1.13-alpine3.11 RUN apk --update --no-cache add git WORKDIR /go-example all: BUILD +build BUILD +lint build: COPY main.go . RUN go build -o build/go-example main.go SAVE ARTIFACT build/go-example AS LOCAL build/go-example lint: RUN go get COPY main.go . RUN golint -set_exit_status ./...

A simple GO example

Building things

Invoke a build using earthly +all.

Reproduce CI failures

Earthly builds are self-contained, isolated and repeatable.

Regardless of whether Earthly runs in your CI or on your laptop, the build will run the same way.

This allows for faster iteration on the build scripts and easier debugging.

No more git commit -m "try again" .

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  • Photo of Matt Klein

    Matt Klein

    Creator of Envoy Proxy

    Earthly is a pragmatic and incremental solution to a thorny problem that all organizations face. I'm extremely excited about Earthly bringing this functionality to existing container based build systems without requiring an extremely expensive retooling effort on top of something like Bazel.

  • Photo of Florian Leibert

    Florian Leibert

    Founder of D2iQ

    Large organizations like Google or Twitter have solved these problems internally in a way that is idiosyncratic to their engineering processes. Earthly is the first solution to bring the power of repeatable builds at scale to market in a packaging that can fit all organizations.

Why do developers ❤️ Earthly?

Building things

Cache build steps automatically

Caching that just works

Earthly uses the same caching technology as the Docker builder.

If a step of your build would produce the same output as a previously cached run, it uses the cache.

Earthly cache can also be shared via the cloud.

Self-contained builds that work everywhere

No need to ask your team to install protoc, a specific version of Python, Java 1.6 or the .NET Core ecosystem. You only install once, in your Earthfile, and it works for everyone. Or even better, you can just make use of the rich Docker Hub ecosystem.

FROM golang:1.13-alpine3.11 WORKDIR /proto-example proto: FROM namely/protoc-all:1.29_4 COPY api.proto /defs RUN --entrypoint -- -f api.proto -l go SAVE ARTIFACT ./gen/pb-go /pb AS LOCAL pb build: COPY go.mod go.sum . RUN go mod download COPY +proto/pb pb COPY main.go ./ RUN go build -o build/proto-example main.go SAVE ARTIFACT build/proto-example

A simple proto example

Building things

Parallelization with no strings attached

Whenever possible, Earthly automatically executes targets in parallel.

If your build has independent steps, Earthly will:
  • Build a directed acyclic graph
  • Isolate execution of each step
  • Run independent steps in parallel
  • Cache results for future use

Modern import system

Copy artifacts across repositories in a single line.

Earthly is cache-aware, based on the Git commit sha of the referenced repository.

Combined with shared caching, you can create vast and efficient build hierarchies that only execute steps impacted by your changes.

FROM node:13.10.1-alpine3.11 WORKDIR /example-multirepo docker: RUN npm install -g http-server COPY* ./ COPY* ./ EXPOSE 8080 ENTRYPOINT ["http-server", "."] SAVE IMAGE --push earthly/examples:multirepo

A simple multi-repo example

Engineers brainstorming on a whiteboard

Earthly is free and open and we welcome your contributions

Strong Community

  • 1000+ Commits
  • 120+ forks
  • 25+ contributors

Open projects benefit from a collaborative community. Earthly encourages contributions.

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A Quick Earthly Tutorial

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    • Photo of Spencer Kimball

      Spencer Kimball

      Creator of Cockroach DB

      By reducing the friction inherent in build tools, Earthly is enabling SaaS companies to move quickly and reduce the context switching overhead in their engineering organizations.

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