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Deployment Strategies

4 minute read

There are many ways to deploy applications to a production server environment, and the terminology around deploy strategies is often confusing. In this shor...

Why is JRuby Slow?

14 minute read

Recently, I made some contributions to the continuous integration process for Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator created by GitHub and written in Rub...

Understanding Docker Multistage Builds

7 minute read

At first glance, writing Dockerfiles appears to be a straightforward process. After all, most basic examples reflect the same set of steps. However, not all...

Getting a Repeatable Build, Every Time

27 minute read

I wanted to sit down and write about all the tricks we learned and that we used every day to help make builds more manageable in the absence of Earthly. It’s...

What Is Continuous Integration?

11 minute read

Continuous integration has become prevalent in software development, but it’s still a complex and wide-ranging topic. In this post, we’ll cover the basics o...

Building a Monorepo with Bazel

11 minute read

A monorepo is perhaps what you would expect from the name: a single code repository for your entire codebase.

Understanding Docker Networking

16 minute read

Docker is the de facto model for building and running containers at scale in most enterprise organizations today. At a very high level, Docker is a combinat...