Infrastructure as Code Tutorials

Using Terraform with GitHub Actions

11 minute read

Learn how to automate your Terraform pipelines using GitHub Actions, creating powerful and reliable workflows for managing infrastructure as code. This tutor...

Terraform Route53 And DNS Fun

13 minute read

Learn how to fix DNS issues and import DNS records from AWS's Route53 into Terraform in this informative article by Adam. Discover the steps he took to updat...

S3 Terraform Backend

12 minute read

Learn how to store your Terraform state in an S3 bucket to avoid leaking sensitive information and manage changes made by multiple people.

Terraform Import - Leaving Click Ops Behind

50 minute read

Learn how to import existing infrastructure into Terraform and manage it as code. Follow along as the author imports resources such as AWS Lambda, ECR, S3, a...

Pulumi vs Terraform

12 minute read

Learn about the differences between Pulumi and Terraform, two popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools. Discover their functionality, learning curves, comp...

Chef vs. Docker for Builds and Deployments

8 minute read

Learn the differences between Chef and Docker and how they can be used together in build and deployment pipelines. Discover the strengths of each tool and ho...

Build Your Own Ngrok Clone With AWS

15 minute read

Learn how to create your own ngrok clone using AWS, Nginx, and Earthly. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to setting up a secure, publicly accessib...