Earthly Satellites

Remote build runners that make builds fast, are super simple to use, and work seamlessly with any CI and your laptop.

Fast, Simple Remote Build Runners
100,000 builds run on Earthly Satellites every month
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Ridiculously Fast Builds!
CI w/o Satellites vs CI w/ Satellites
CI w/ Satellites - Up To
CI w/ Satellites - Minimum
CI w/o Satellites
Lines represent build time in seconds.
Based on build speeds reported by our users
  • 2-20x faster builds in CI
  • Rebuild only what has changed
  • Automatic parallel execution
  • Automatic caching with no configuration required
  • Like layer caching, but for the entire pipeline, not just for images
  • No upload/download of cache – instantly available

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Better Build Experience
Earthly Satellites make the build experience better. You define builds in Earthfiles, which have a super simple, instantly recognizable syntax – like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby.
You can run remote builds directly from your terminal with Satellites. So you don’t have to tie up your laptop running long builds.
And your builds run faster, because of Satellites' instantly available build cache.
Better Build Experience
Run x86 and arm64 Builds Natively
Run x86 and arm64 Builds Natively
Multi-platform builds are easier with Earthly Satellites, because both x86 and arm64 architectures are available. You can execute x86 builds from Apple Silicon computers and arm64 builds from x86 computers.
Builds run significantly faster because no emulation is required.
Single-Tenant for Performance and Security
Each Earthly Satellite runs in an isolated VM with restricted local networking. Nothing is shared between Satellites, and only the users you invite can access your Satellite.
So performance isn't negatively impacted by heavy builds run on other Satellites, and it's secure from other Satellites users.
Single-Tenant for Performance and Security

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Fast, Simple Remote Build Runners