Super simple build framework with consistent builds that you write once and run anywhere – on your laptop, remote, and in any CI.

It’s like Docker for builds!

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1,000,000 builds run on Earthly every month
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Increase in build speed after Earthly


It took literally just going from Dockerfile to Earthfile to bring build times from 45-ish minutes down to probably 15 or 20.

Ses Goe

Ses Goe

Director of Internal Tools @ NOCD


By using Earthly, we enabled developers to execute complex CI pipelines on their laptops without having to commit any code!

Jesús Rodríguez Valencia

Jesús Rodríguez Valencia

Principal Software Engineer @ Roche


By providing rapid build times, intelligent caching, and repeatability, Earthly enables a better approach to the coordination of development and deployment.

Jesse Anger

Jesse Anger

Head of IT & Security Operations @ Deep Genomics


By reducing the friction inherent in build tools, Earthly is enabling SaaS companies to move quickly and reduce the context switching overhead in their engineering organizations.

Spencer Kimball

Spencer Kimball

Creator of CockroachDB and CEO @ Cockroach Labs

Why Earthly?
With Earthly, all builds are self-contained, consistent, portable, and language agnostic.
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Bash and YAML spaghetti
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Clunky and Brittle
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Build guru required
With Earthly:
With Earthly
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Easy to Understand
Introducing Earthly
Fast, consistent builds that are super simple to use
Write once, run anywhere
  • Execute CI pipelines on your laptop, remotely, or in any CI
  • Easily reproduce CI failures locally
  • Containers make builds self-contained, isolated, consistent, and portable
  • Correct execution, regardless of the environment
  • New colleagues get started fast: no special configuration necessary
Super simple, not just for the build guru
FROM golang:1.21-alpine3.19
RUN apk --update --no-cache add git
WORKDIR /go-example
BUILD +build
BUILD +lint
COPY main.go .
RUN go build -o build/go-example main.go
SAVE ARTIFACT build/go-example AS LOCAL build/go-example
RUN go install
COPY main.go .
RUN golint -set_exit_status ./...
  • Quickly grasp Earthfiles without prior knowledge
  • Syntax that is easy to write and understand by all engineers
  • It's like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby
Compatible with every language, framework, and build tool
  • Works with the compilers and build tools you use.
  • If it runs on Linux, it runs on Earthly.
  • You don’t have to rewrite your existing builds or replace your package.json, go.mod, or build.gradle files.
  • Use Earthly as a wrapper around your existing builds and get Earthly’s consistency, parallelization, and caching.
Compatible with every language, framework, and build tool
Great for monorepos and polyrepos
  • Works with both monorepos and polyrepos
  • Builds can be split across multiple subdirectories or even repositories
  • Reuse, don't repeat: reference builds, recipes, artifacts, and images from other locations

Read more about why Earthly excels in monorepos

Automatic caching and parallel execution
  • Automatically caches build results at each step of the build. Repeated steps are skipped each build.
  • Automatically executes build targets in parallel whenever possible.

If your build has multiple steps, Earthly:

  • Builds a directed acyclic graph (DAG).
  • Isolates execution of each step.
  • Runs independent steps in parallel.
  • Caches results for future use.
Automatic caching and parallel execution
Never write the same code in multiple builds again
Never write the same code in multiple builds again
  • Reuse targets, artifacts, and images across multiple Earthfiles, even ones in other repositories.
  • Import from any other build in a single line.
  • Create vast and efficient build hierarchies that only execute steps impacted by your changes.
Open Source and a Strong Community
Open source projects benefit from a collaborative community. Earthly encourages contributions.








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