Introducing Larger Instance Sizes for Earthly Satellites

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Gavin Johnson

At Earthly, we’re constantly trying to make builds more consistent, faster, and give our users a better build experience. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of three new, larger Earthly Satellites instance sizes – 2xlarge, 3xlarge, and 4xlarge – available in x86 and arm64 architectures. These new instance sizes are designed to give Satellites users more compute power, more RAM, more cache storage, and more flexibility in choosing the right satellites for their builds.

A Closer Look at the New Satellite Instance Sizes


  • 2xlarge: 16 vCPUs, 64 GB of RAM, and a 500GB cache disk. x86 & arm64 available.
  • 3xlarge: 32 vCPUs, 128 GB of RAM, and a 1TB cache disk. x86 & arm64 available.
  • 4xlarge: 64 vCPUs, 256 GB of RAM, and a 2TB cache disk. x86 & arm64 available.

Visit our Pricing page for more details about the Satellites instance sizes we offer.

From Feedback to Features


Our new Satellites instance sizes are an upgrade, but they’re also a sign of our commitment to our users. Our previous instance sizes – x-small through x-large – were insufficient for some Satellites customers. We heard that feedback and expanded our offerings to help ensure that Earthly Satellites remains the go-to choice for every build.

As we continue to mature and expand our platform, your feedback and insights remain invaluable. Sign up for Earthly Cloud, explore the new Satellites instance sizes, put them to the test, and let us know how they work for you.

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Gavin is the director of product & marketing at Earthly. He's an ex-PMM at a bunch of tech co's, an ex-consultant at Deloitte, an ex-sys admin, and (sometimes) ex-developer. He's also a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt and dog dad to a Siberian Husky.
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