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This article examines Earthly’s podcast feature. Earthly transforms CI/CD pipelines with reproducible builds. Learn more about Earthly.

Adam was interviewed on Software Engineering Daily where the topics covered how Earthly works and what problems we are trying to solve.

This is the third time Earthly was on Software Engineering Daily. In a Spring 2021 interview Vlad shared some of the backstory behind Earthly.

Vlad Ionescu is the Founder and CEO of Earthly Technologies. He was formerly the founder and chief architect at Vlad joins the show today to talk about why reproducible builds are important, how Earthly simplifies build scripts, and what the long-term vision for Earthly looks like.

And in fall of 2021, Adam was the guest sharing both the power of working from the command line and why someone might choose to use Earthly as their build tool.

In this episode I speak with Adam Gordon Bell about some of his favorite command line tools. We also discuss his role as a developer advocate for Earthly, a powerful tool for building software in a repeatable and understandable way. Adam is also the host of the Co-Recursive podcast.

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