v0.2.0 Released

less than 1 minute read     Updated:


  • global configuration file for git credentials, cache location and size, no loop device, and others; see Configuration Reference in the docs for more details.
  • rename build.earth to Earthfile
  • gitlab support
  • ability to change cache path (previously it was hardcoded to /tmp/earthly; now defaults to /var/cache/earthly on linux or ~/Library/Caches/earthly on macOS)
  • HEALTHCHECK command support
  • fixed out of disk space error
  • fixed support for stdout reset control characters (which are used for installation progress bars)
  • added scala, c++, dot net examples

Upgrade instructions:

  • docker stop earthly-buildkitd
  • sudo rm -rf /tmp/earthly
  • re-run the install command for your OS