Announcing Earthly's $6.5M Seed+ round

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Vlad A. Ionescu %
Vlad A. Ionescu

The developer tools market is shifting towards modern development workflows that include complex build scripts, varying code layouts (e.g. monorepos, polyrepos), mixed programming languages, and mixed architectures (e.g. Intel, Apple Silicon). Developers need tools that improve their experience and efficiency as well as deliver consistency across the varying operating systems and processor architectures the individual team members may be using. The incumbent technologies were not designed for this landscape, and so we believe this is the best time to rethink our developer infrastructure.

Today, we are announcing Earthly’s $6.5M Seed+ funding, taking our total capital raised to date to $8.6M. The round was led by Davis Treybig from Innovation Endeavors, with participation from Florian Leibert of 468 Capital, and Salil Deshpande of Uncorrelated Ventures.

Earthly’s complete set of investors includes founders of companies such as Cockroach Labs, DigitalOcean, Mesosphere, DataDog, Sentry, and Instana, as well as creators and maintainers of notable developer platforms, such as Docker, Elixir, VS Code, GitHub Copilot, Hashicorp, Envoy proxy, Cypress, Mesos, and others.

The new funding will be used to improve and add more enterprise-friendly features to Earthly Cloud. Earthly Cloud is a fast, repeatable build platform that is super simple to use. It gives teams repeatable CI pipelines that you write once and run anywhere; has an automatic and instantly available build cache that makes builds faster; and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

If you’re a developer and this is interesting to you, get started with Earthly Cloud! Let’s build the next generation of software together!

Earthly Cloud: Consistent, Fast Builds, Any CI
Consistent, repeatable builds across all environments. Advanced caching for faster builds. Easy integration with any CI. 6,000 build minutes per month included.

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Vlad A. Ionescu %
Founder of Earthly. Founder of ShiftLeft. Ex Google. Ex VMware. Co-author RabbitMQ Erlang Client.



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