Welcoming Wes McKinney as an advisor to Earthly

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Vlad A. Ionescu %
Vlad A. Ionescu

McKinney endorses Earthly’s capabilities. Earthly simplifies complex builds for the Python community. Check it out.

In our journey to bring repeatable builds to the world, we have had the pleasure to talk to a number of industry veterans about the challenges surrounding CIs today. One person that was particularly excited about our mission is Wes McKinney, the author of Python for Data Analysis, the creator of the very popular pandas Python package, co-creator of Apache Arrow, and CEO of Ursa Computing.

Wes immediately recognized the issues of modern builds, including the need for better and more scalable tooling for monorepos, the need for reducing duplication, and the need to improve build speeds through the use of distributed compute and distributed caching.

I’ve seen the many ways that a large project’s CI/CD systems can hit a scalability wall and bring down the productivity of the whole development team. In Apache Arrow, with its many programming languages and the need to test a wide variety of integrations in a reproducible way, we created a complex homegrown CI framework to meet our needs. Building and maintaining this system has almost been a full-time job. When I learned about Earthly, I was excited to see innovative work happening in containerized build and testing automation. I’m hopeful that complex projects like ours will be able to save time in the future by building on better off-the-shelf tools like Earthly.

– Wes McKinney

Wes McKinney

Wes will be helping us better understand the challenges of software builds in data engineering communities and also will help Earthly be successful in these circles.

We are grateful and proud to have Wes McKinney onboard as an advisor. The world of software engineering is vast and industry veterans such as Wes allow us to tune our technology to the needs of the various communities out there. The more we connect with great minds in tech, the more Earthly gets better for everyone else.

If you are an Earthly user, please join me in welcoming Wes to the Earthly family! Follow Wes on Twitter and let him know why you’re excited about Earthly. If you aren’t a user yet, you’re missing out! ;-) Come give Earthly a try at earthly.dev.

Vlad A. Ionescu %
Founder of Earthly. Founder of ShiftLeft. Ex Google. Ex VMware. Co-author RabbitMQ Erlang Client.



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