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Understanding Docker Multistage Builds

7 minute read

At first glance, writing Dockerfiles appears to be a straightforward process. After all, most basic examples reflect the same set of steps. However, not all...

Building a Monorepo with Bazel

11 minute read

A monorepo is perhaps what you would expect from the name: a single code repository for your entire codebase.

Understanding Docker Networking

16 minute read

Docker is the de facto model for building and running containers at scale in most enterprise organizations today. At a very high level, Docker is a combinat...

Addressing Slow Performance in Jenkins

8 minute read

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sluggish continuous integration system. It slows down feedback loops and prevents code from reaching production quic...

Understanding Bash

10 minute read

Bash scripts give you the ability to turn a tedious series of commands into an easily runnable and repeatable script. With many real-world use cases, like u...

Understanding Docker Logging and Log Files

14 minute read

Docker logging and its management are an important part of the containerization of your application. Once you’ve deployed your application, logging is one o...

What is Buildkit?

10 minute read

There is an excellent open-source project that you have probably used without realizing it. It’s called BuildKit, and it is what turns a Dockerfile into a D...

Encrypting Data With SSH Keys and Golang

3 minute read

We’re currently working on a server for sharing secrets between developers and CI systems, and one of the features we decided to support is passwordless log...

Using gRPC with Golang, Python, and Ruby

6 minute read

I was surprised to learn that Google protocol buffers (protobufs), were first introduced nearly two decades ago. They were used internally at google as earl...

Can We Build Better?

4 minute read

Have you ever had a test fail in the build but not locally? I have. Have you ever then burnt half a day pushing small changes and waiting for your build to ...